Tonal Colorways on a Variety of Bases


Tonal Colorways on a Variety of Bases

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I have developed a line of tonal colorways to complement the variegated/speckled colorways I often dye. Many patterns call for two to three colorways to work together for stripes and color work, and I wanted to be able to offer some choices for you.

The photo above shows clockwise from the top:

  1. Cream

  2. Berry

  3. Oxblood

  4. Brunette

  5. Warmth

  6. Egg Yolk

  7. Dill Chip

  8. Pacifica

  9. Lady Mary

  10. Dutch Cocoa

  11. Charcoal

This listing will allow you to select the yarn base you would like and the colorway. Some options are limited at the time. If you need more skeins than are currently available in the shop, please email me at and I will be happy to dye a lot for you so that they are a good match for each other.

Thank you!


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